Growing Vegetables

Improve your health and grow your own vegetables. Free of pesticides, grown naturally and picked after a slow ripening process; your vegetables will be naturally high in minerals and vitamins. Imagine the bursting flavour of your fresh vine-ripened tomatoes! Do you see yourself picking fresh crisp lettuce leaves to complement your salad or meal? High in nutrition, naturally grown, pesticide free and rich in flavour.  Enhance your health with your own vegetable garden today.

Garden Design

Design the shape, size and volume  of your garden bed. Research the average wind and sun direction to help develop a maximum harvest in minimum time.


Most vegetables require well drained soil. Setup an irrigation system around the roots for easy and effective watering. Take into account rainfall averages and prepare some draining.


Make the land attractive, consider incorporating ornaments and make it easily accessible. Choose the right soils and factor in breeze and sun directions. Create an appealing landscape.

Vegetable Selection

The rewards come in selecting fresh, healthy vegetables from your own garden just as you need them anytime of the day. Choose vegetables that best complement your meals.  

Backyard Cactus Garden

Leisure Garden

Tropical Rainforest Garden

Low-Maintenance Design

Create some depth to the soil, approximately 1 metre is very good.   Allocate some space for the plants to grow and  consider colours and ripening stages. White, black, Green and yellow variety plants can be less desirable to birds than red or blue ones. Speak to your local botanist about native plants and find out any tips or tricks. 

Low Water Usage

The setup of solid drainage can have significant long-term benefits. The soil must provide plant sustenance without drowning it. An irrigation system setup early around the root system can be very good. Look at weather patterns for your suburb and determine what sort of rainfall you often receive. If watering late in the evening, less water will be lost to evaporation. 

About Garden Design

Your options are wide and vast. Perhaps you want bright and complementing colours between tiles and plants? You could set up different seasonal vegetation together so there is year-round supply of vegetables or colour on display. Decide on shape, size and volume of your garden structure and see if you can integrate various ornaments. Small ponds and waterfalls always work.  

From which direction does the sun rise and fall and can you determine the most consistent direction of the wind?

Knowing which way the breeze generally flows will allow you to plant the beautifully scented jasmine, roses and lavender style plants in a position you can take full aromatic advantage. 

Colour combinations

Integrating ornaments

Shapes, Sizes, Volumes

Sun and Breeze direction

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Vegetable Gardens

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Maintenance & Cleanup

Set up compost bins to receive organic mulch or maintain your yard yourself or with advice and tips.   

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Considering the size and location of your garden is fundamental in the initial planning stages. .Setup Irrigation and sprinklers; use enriched soil and determine a maintenance schedule. Let's start your Garden today.