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A wealth of options are available when it comes to creating your own gardening paradise. Remember to Start slow and start small. Build raised beds in a shape and design you desire. Research soil enrichment ideas, some places deposit wood beneath their garden beds for greater nutrient and enriched soil over time. Go through all your different Irrigation and sprinkler setups and factor in your area’s annual rainfall periods. Your neighbourhood, suburb and backyard may be a climate of its own. 

 Select your areas for fruit, vegetables, and flowers and plant a few of each. Even set up a seeding area with small plastic pots to initiate growth. Remember to design your garden bed so the stars, moon and sun can radiate their light towards it. Perhaps even buy semi-grown flowers and vegetables to get you going earlier. 

Volume, Depth, types of soils

Irrigation and Sprinkler setup

Reliable and Quality Tools

Research books, websites and Friendly Experts

Plan, Plan, Plan. Start slow, start small.

Our Experts are on hand to provide the advice you need. Send through an e-mail and don’t sweat the smaller details, we’ll cooperate and make sure we’re all on the same page as soon as possible. 

Quality Gardening & Maintenance Services

We can assist with Rubbish Removal, Hedging and Pruning, Garden Care and Lawn Mowing. We love helping you and your garden to be at its best and most appealing.  This can improve the blooming of flowers, the harvest of fruit and vegetables and the overall well-being of you and your garden. We’ll even look at different plans that can yield their fruits at times convenient to you. 

Perhaps you would prefer to let everything look after itself naturally? We can help here too and provide the best advice.

“We have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world! “

Dream, design and plan your garden to radiate a healing beauty that beholds your gaze with its sheer brilliance. Be captivated by your fruit and vegetable harvest, enhance your meals and see flowers bloom magnificently. This is reconnecting with the cosmic process and feeling the warmth of the Universe!

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Considering the size and location of your garden is fundamental in the initial planning stages. .Setup Irrigation and sprinklers; use enriched soil and determine a maintenance schedule. Let's start your Garden today.