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We want to help you with your small to medium sized Gardens. Connect with the cosmic process once again and feel the warmth of the universe! 

We’ve been creating high quality home & commercial gardens since 2005

Drawing inspiration from our own and others gardens, plus’Better Homes and Gardens’ tv show, we utilise a wealth of knowledge. When time allows we enjoy shows like backyard blitz and the Block. We are entertained by Iron Chef, Jamie Oliver’s ‘The Naked Kitchen’ and Nigella Lawson shows. We still visit Libraries and have numerous books to draw knowledge and wisdom from. Think  ‘The Vegetable Gardeners Bible’, ‘Square foot Gardening’, ‘Rodale’s Ultimate Encylopedia of Organic gardening’ among others. 

Rapid growth in technology provides even more resources and websites to garner tips, advice and new or old ideas. 

Maximum Growth in Minimum Time

Enriched soil and irrigation

Optimal Positioning and Placement

Maintenance made easy

Support and Assistance where and when ever

Buying a great set of gloves, reliable tools, protective clothing and a go get them attitude is what will make this website work best for you. Feel free to send an e-mail with your own tips and advice you’d think will benefit the site. 

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Gold Coast, Queensland

Let's Build Your Dream Garden Together

Considering the size and location of your garden is fundamental in the initial planning stages. .Setup Irrigation and sprinklers; use enriched soil and determine a maintenance schedule. Let's start your Garden today.